CDAP Program

The City of Marseilles Community Development Assistance Program is a revolving loan
fund that is designed to help companies expand in, or relocate to The City of Marseilles.

New Construction Project Proposals

Marseilles, IL Comprehensive Plan

City Of Marseilles Comprehensive Plan

New City Hall Building Purchase Information

  • Illinois Valley Cellular was proud to call Marseilles its home for approximately 30 years. Unfortunately, they were sold, and Marseilles operations are being ceased.
  • Purchasing the building means the city now owns the property the Middle East Conflicts Wall sits on, and it will now be protected along with the museum.
  • The complex occupies 6.40 acres, and the building is 27,315 square feet in size. The structure is 23-years old and has been appraised twice. One for $1,600.000 and the second $2,260.000.00 IVC said they would sell it to the city for $1.450,000.00. The city was able to negotiate the price down to 1,350,000.00. The estimated cost to build this building today is 4 million. The parking lot alone cost 650k at the time of construction. The city would also have the option to sell some of the real estate for other construction or business purposes. The location is adequate for both the city hall and police department. Acquisition of this building gives the police department more room and the garage space that is needed for their equipment. The police department presently can’t hold or sponsor any training classes because they do not have a training room.
  • The present city hall is over 100 years old and originally was a car dealership and a garage. The facility needs extensive upgrading. We are not ADA compliant. Looking at everything in totality it was determined purchasing a 23-year-old building would be a much better investment than putting similar amount of money in
  • a building over a hundred years old.
  • The city has financed the purchase with revenue bonds and the facility will be paid off in 15 years. Payments can be made with current income and there would be no tax increase.
  • The location and large parking lot can be used for many festivities and functions such as a vendor’s market, farmers market. Possibilities are endless.
  • The city had to be concerned with having another abandoned building in that area. Wouldn’t look good for those visiting the memorial wall to have an abandoned building sitting there with no one taking care of the grounds.
  • The location will still be used for various functions honoring our veterans/ This occurs several times throughout the year. Recently there was a community prayer vigil for world peace.
  • LaSalle County Veterans Administration will have an office to serve our veterans on a local level.
  • Marseilles Nursing Service will be offered an office. They are a 501c3 and operate strictly on donations. This will save them money on utilities and insurance.
  • More to consider than a building. Every one of the city’s economic development advisors and consultants along with the Ottawa Area Chamber of Commerce stated it is very important that the city maintain ownership of the river front property.
  • Marseilles Rotary Club voted unanimously to support the city’s purchase of the property.
  • City is open to other thoughts and suggestion for use.

Traffic Count in Marseilles, Illinois

Annual Average Daily Traffic 27,600 on Interstate 80 connected to E. 24th Road.

Traffic Count

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Message from Mayor Jim Hollenbeck

I came to town in 1975 when I joined the police department. I fell in love with the town and it’s residents. Marseilles is a great place to visit and a better place to live. Marseilles has a natural beauty with the Illinois river to the south and the city’s historic bluff to the north. Marseilles previously has been listed as one of the safest cities. I love the residents of Marseilles whom always come together when a neighbor is in need. I have seen the city unite in the aftermath of floods, storms and other natural disasters like no other. We have great people that support each other. We have a wonderful police, fire and emergency medical services second to none. I hope for Marseilles continues with controlled growth which extending the sewer and water to Interstate 80 will certainly be a benefit. As Mayor I am “focused on our future”. I want to thank the residents of the community for their continued support of the city council. I also want to thank all of our boards and organizations that are the backbone of the community and continue to strive and help the city work towards our goals and objectives.

Community Events Gallery in Marseilles, IL

Demographic Data

Median Age
Cost of Living Index

Population in 2019: 4,834 (94% urban, 6% rural).

Population change since 2000: +3.8%

Males: 2,375 (49.1%) Females: 2,459 (50.9%)

Median resident age: 41.1 years Illinois median age: 38.6 years

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