ESDA Board

The purpose of E.S.D.A. is to mitigate potential hazards, plan for, coordinate, respond to and aid in recovery from all disaster situations whether natural or man-made. Marseilles area has 10 committed individuals thus far and will be recruiting others.

All members are currently certified in CPR, AED, and 1st Aid. With majority having the full C.E.R.T. training complete, as well as weather spotting, tornado hazards and more. We are working on NIMS training as well as many others. Search and rescue training will occur in the near future.

You may already have certifications or experience that can help the team or you may just feel the need to do more to volunteer in a disaster situation. If this sounds like you please apply. Applications are available at Marseilles City Hall during normal business hours. A full application and background check will need to be completed.

If you have questions please contact Nathan Schaefer 815-343-4783. Thank you for your consideration.