Middle East Conflicts Memorial Wall

This memorial is one of kind with almost 8000 names of our fallen heroes. Founded by proud Americans and not managed by any government agency!

The Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial is located at 200 Riverfront Dr, Marseilles, IL 61341. It was built in 2004 by the motorcycle community and volunteers to honor the Fallen Military from 1967 to present.

The founders Tony Cutrano and Jerry Kuczera spearheaded this project to ensure that those sacrificing their lives for our freedom were given the proper recognition for the selfless service to our great country. The names of the fallen heroes that have been killed in action are etched in granite slabs and are revealed every third Saturday of June, at the Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run.

The names on this Wall Memorial represent our Fallen Heroes from conflicts in such diverse locations as Panama, Lebanon Barrack Bombing, the Balkins, Grenada, Somalia, Haiti, USS Cole Bombing, USS Stark. The Terrorist Attacks in Italy, Greece, Scotland. The Gulf Storm, Desert Storm/Shield, Afghanistan War, Iraq War & current War of Terror.

This is the first time in the history of the United States that a Memorial had been erected while the conflict was ongoing. It’s truly a one of a kind!

As of 2023 there are approximately 8000 names of our fallen etched on the panels.

The memorial is open all year long.