My time as Police Chief and serving with the Marseilles Police Department, has resonated with me deeply with the meaningful impact we’ve created in the community. It goes beyond just fulfilling a duty; it’s about a personal commitment to ensure the safety and well-being of every resident. There’s a profound satisfaction in bringing a genuine smile to someone’s face during their toughest moments, highlighting the positive influence we can have.

Building strong, personal relationships with the children of our community has always been at the core of my priorities. The annual Shop with a Cop event serves as a cherished opportunity, fostering trust and camaraderie that extends far beyond traditional law enforcement. Engaging with the youth not only shapes their perception of authority but also contributes to a safer and more harmonious environment.

The people of Marseilles are the heartbeat of this community, and their resilience and spirit define the character of our city. Embracing Winston Churchill’s insight, “we shape our buildings, and afterwards our buildings shape us,” resonates deeply with the responsibility I held as our Police Chief. It’s not just about enforcing laws; it’s actively contributing to the safety, unity, and prosperity of Marseilles.

I found immense joy and gratitude in serving this wonderful community. Each moment dedicated to making Marseilles a better place has been a personal privilege, and witnessing the positive impact on individuals’ lives has been truly heartening.

During my retirement I am looking forward to new opportunities for myself as well as an amplified amount of quality time with my family. It has been an honor and privilege to serve and protect the citizens of Marseilles during the past twenty-Five years.

My optimistic aspirations for the community’s trajectory revolve around the fostering of prosperity, sustained growth, and an elevated quality of life for the citizens of Marseilles. I envision a city that not only prospers economically but also affords its residents nothing short of the finest in terms of well-being. Initiatives such as lower taxes are pivotal components of this overarching vision, aiming to alleviate financial burdens and contribute to a more flourishing civic environment.

On a more personal note, that commitment extends to the continual advancement and refinement of our Police Department. I envision a dynamic force that transcends conventional law enforcement, actively engaging in the positive evolution of our community. This necessitates cultivating a culture of innovation, ongoing professional development, and robust community involvement within the department. I look forward to seeing a police force that not only reacts adeptly to challenges but anticipates and addresses the evolving needs of our community proactively.

Furthermore, my fervent hope is to witness a surge in community-oriented initiatives, solidifying the bond between law enforcement and the residents we so diligently serve. Building trust through transparent communication, openness, and collaborative endeavors forms the bedrock of this vision. I firmly believe in a future where our Police Department is not solely perceived as enforcers of the law but as dedicated partners in the shared success story of our community.

My gaze extends beyond the immediate horizon, envisioning Marseilles as a shining example of the profound impact that a harmonious collaboration between the city, its citizens, and law enforcement can achieve. It’s not merely about maintaining order; it’s about actively contributing to the well-being, sustained growth, and enduring prosperity of this vibrant community.

Chief Brian Faber

Chief Faber’s 10-42 2/7/2024