Nathan SchaeferCommissioner of Streets and Improvements: Nathan Schaefer Born and raised in Marseilles, IL. I graduated from Marseilles Elementary in 1997 and then graduated from Ottawa Township High School in 2001. During that time, I was very involved in sports, scouting, and anything outdoors. I ended my years in scouting as a Life Scout. I was chosen and attended Boys State thru the Marseilles American Legion. Earned the OHS booster club scholarship for 3 sports a year for 4 years and also a limited scholarship for Loras College. I then continued my education and sports at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. I studied criminal justice and general education. I played football and started wrestling before ending it early with an injury. I came home and started studying at IVCC and continued with general studies and criminal justice.

From there I started working at the family business (Gleason & Company Hardware) and many other jobs while going to IVCC. I then started as a first responder with the Marseilles Area Ambulance service where I learned so much from so many great men and women in the industry and in our community. After several years of volunteering for them I transitioned out as things changed with work and life. I have worked within the area at multiple facilities, and many different industries. By far the best experiences for me have come from working on wind turbines and solar with Invenergy LLC. I spent about 8.5 years working with them as a wind technician and traveled all over at times. Most recently stepped away from the wind industry in 2018 and became maintenance tech. at Marseilles Elementary School where I am currently employed. Taking that step has given me so much more opportunity to get involved with so many people, and most importantly has given me more time with family and friends.

Personal Life:

Currently I am 38 years old and married to my amazing wife Claudia Hernandez Schaefer. We will be married for 17 years in October, and we have 3 boys. Ages 3, 12, and 15. I serve as the committee chair for the Marseilles Cub Scouts. President and Founder of the Marseilles Athletic Club. A member of CERT. And most recently named Director of Marseilles ESDA Team. I spent 6+ years on the Marseilles Recreation Board. I have been involved in the community as far back as I can remember. From scouting, to youth groups, sports play, and coaching all typed of sports for several years. That drive comes from my past experiences. I had so many great family members, friends, mentors, and leaders along the way from this community help me in one way or another. I have a passion for helping others and doing what’s right. I have gained a lot of experience working as the streets commissioner and hope to continue to learn from so many great people around me. Very excited for the I80 sewer and water extension, and so many other great projects finally coming along. I hope the future for Marseilles is bright and things continue to change for the better while keeping that great home town feel.