***Mayor Hollenbeck just finished a conference call and obtained additional information that could assist in filling out the grant paperwork.

It will take approximately two months for these applications to be processed. In order to be eligible businesses must have been in operation under the same name since January 1st. 2017. Must have at least one full-time employee of several part-time workers with total hours exceeding 40 in a week. Employees have to be regular employees with pay records. No 1099 employees. Businesses must be non-essential during COVID. Businesses have to be for-profit, no chains or franchises. No cannabis, or liquor stores. Initial grant applications have to be submitted by this Wednesday. Grants are to provide 60 days working cash capital with a 25k maximum. Businesses have a year after the grant is awarded to spend the money and provide invoices for reimbursement. Upon application, an applicant must show they plan on spending the money. Such as personnel, rent/mortgage, Inventory, Office supplies, Insurance and taxes, benefits. Applicants can’t purchase new equipment, buildings, or do remodeling. In your project summary, it is important to show an urgent need such as late notices or foreclosure paperwork. Applicants have to provide their most recent bank statements and make a solid commitment to open or remain open. Applicants can fill out the forms online and submit the finished work product to Dave Noble at dnoble@cityofottawa.org If anyone has any questions Dave can be reached at 815-481-6211. The City of Marseilles would certainly like to thank Mayor Dan Aussem and the City of Ottawa for asking Marseilles businesses to participate. Marseilles and Ottawa will be making an intergovernmental agreement relating to this program.***

The City of Marseilles has partnered with the City of Ottawa to offer this time-sensitive but very substantial grant program. There will be a very short window to apply, with a deadline of May 13th for businesses to turn in initial applications to the City. We do not know if there will be funds left as it is a first come first served grant, but it’s worth the try.

This is a HUD CDBG federal funds grant through the State of Illinois DCEO to the City of Ottawa and then passed down to the business. Ottawa and the business prepare an application together and send it to DCEO for review and grant award. The purpose is to provide working capital funds to the community’s most vulnerable businesses economically impacted by the COVID-19 virus.

Your maximum grant amount is double your actual working capital expenses in January 2020, but no more than $25,000. Once awarded, the money can be spent over a year’s time.

Further questions, contact Dave Noble at 815-481-6211.