This Friday we are expected to enter into Phase 4 of Restore Illinois. As we continue through Restore Illinois and the unknowns that will continue throughout 2020, I was reminded of the year-end letter I wrote in celebration of the new year. A year expected to be filled with projects, time with friends/family, summer events/traditions, etc. Instead, we were introduced to COVID-19, a “New Normal”, “Essential” businesses, the phases of reopening, and all that went with it.

I then looked at the last line of that year-end letter which reads, “So, as we welcome the new year, we also want to welcome a year of working together, working as a community, and continued progress.” which is exactly what we’ve done. The details of the plan may have changed, but the planned response didn’t. We worked as a community. We adjusted, supported, donated, reached out, and so much more. We focused on solutions and grew stronger each step of the way.

We still have more unknowns that we will need to get through, but I’m confident that we will continue to move through them together as the strong community we have shown ourselves to be.

So, thank you to everyone and please contact City Hall with any questions. We will continue to assist in any way we can and will provide information as we have it.

If any worker, resident, or business could still use some assistance the link below will take you to the website to see what is available.

Mayor Hollenbeck