By Michael Urbanec

The Marseilles City Council approved two bond ordinances that give the city the ability to start developing a sewer and water system along Interstate 80.

City Engineer Mike Etscheid said the sewer revenue bond and a water revenue bond allows the city to refinance existing EPA loans, which gives them $2.5 million to run the sewer along I-80, along with letting the city fix some issues by Union and Bluff streets.

“We’re pushing our increases out to the future, so that’ll be in 2031 or 2032,” Etscheid said.

Mayor Jim Hollenbeck said this increase in later years shouldn’t be of concern to anyone right now.

“The great thing about this is [that] pushing the higher payment to 2031 means we’ll already have development out there by then,” Hollenbeck said. “We’ll have our income and EAV increase. We certainly shouldn’t have any trouble making these payments in 11 years.”