Cookie Packing 2019
Trinity Lutheran Church in Marseilles has been doing a cookie packing project for over 40 years. It was 1st started by Pastor Kleitz when he took a call to be Pastor at our church from Tinley Park. He had started the cookie packing project in Tinley Park and cookies were delivered to a mental health facility there. We continued that practice at Trinity of taking cookies to the facility until it closed. Since then we have been taking the cookies to local nursing homes, veterans homes, National guard facility and prison. Cookies come from other local churches and some as far away as Joliet and the Tinley Park area. Our goal this year is to distribute 11,000 cookies.

When: Wednesday, 12/04/19 (cookies would need to be delivered to Trinity Lutheran Church 621 Union St. prior to 10 AM 12/04/19)

Cookies should be plain (no fruits or nuts). Mainly it’s sugar, oatmeal, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle…etc, but decorated sugar cookies can be accepted. Please write down # of cookies.